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You can use dry malt extract instead of corn sugar to prime or carbonate your beer. Just use 1¼ cup per 5 gallon batch of brew and proceed as usual.
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THB Dry Malt Extracts

We like Dry Malt Extract, and we use a lot of it. A 3-pound bag of Dry Malt Extract is roughly equivalent to 4 pounds of malt extract syrup. Dry Malt floats until it is thoroughly dissolved in the boil, instead of sinking to the bottom of the pot to scorch.  Dry Malt Extract is handy because it's easy to use a portion of the container and save the rest.

We like the quality that our Dry Malt Extracts produce in homebrewed beers, it has a good, rich, malty flavor.  We make sure we use only the best ingredients, and The Home Brewery Dry Malt Extracts are the ones we use. Our Dry Malt Extracts contain 100% brewing malt, with no adjuncts or additives. Our Dry Malted Wheat Extracts are made from 65% malted wheat and 35% malted barley.

Cat # Description Size/Price Qty Buy
ME102 Home Brewery Light Dry Malt Extract
ME112 Home Brewery Amber Dry Malt Extract
ME122 Home Brewery Wheat Dry Malted Extract
ME132 Home Brewery Dark Dry Malt Extract
ME140 American Light Dry Extract. - We package this big bag of mixed fermentables because it makes a great American-style beer. Contains 3 ½ lbs. Light Dry Malt Extract and 1 lb. Granulated Honey.
4 1/2 lb - $15.50