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CO2 Equipment

Cat # Description Size/Price Qty Buy
KG110 CO2 TankAluminum CO2 Tank - These tanks are new aluminum 5# size. A 5# co2 tank will last through at least 5 batches of beer.
KG405 CO2 Keg ChargerKeg Charger -

Note - The keg charger has been redesigned to now take 16 gm CO2 cartridges.  Any older models would still take 12 gm cartridges.
A handy gadget that allows you to dispense your keg with CO2 anywhere you go. Hooks directly to the keg and uses small CO2 cartridges to dispense beer. Includes one cartridge and charger body. Requires Ball Lock or Pin Lock Connector with male flare threads, sold separately.
KG426 Co2 Replacement CartridgeCO2 Cartridges - Oil-less 16 gram CO2 bulbs for replacement.
KG415 CO2 Cartridges - FOR OLD STYLE CHARGER ONLY Oil-less 12 gram CO2 bulbs for replacement. One bulb will dispense approx 1 gallon of liquid.
KG130 CO2 WrenchCO2 Wrench - Sturdy, steel closed end wrench. Put on your regulator stem and it will always be there when you need it!
KG455 Stainless Steel Carbonation Stone Stainless Steel Carbonation Stone - All stainless steel with a 2 micron pore size and 1/4" hose barb perfect size for carbonating beer,wine, or soda.

CO2 RegulatorCO2 Dual Gauge Regulator

These New regulators are dual gauge units. One gauge tells the pressure on the line to the keg. The other gauge tells the pressure left in your tank, so you know when you are running low. They come with a pressure release and shutoff valve, too.

Cat # Description Size/Price Qty Buy
KG120 CO2 Dual Gauge Regulator

Dual Body CO2 RegulatorCO2 Dual Body Regulator

Two regulator bodies provide two separately controlled pressures.  One tank pressure gauge and two separate line pressure gauges featuring 1/4" shut-offs for each regulator.  This regulator set is especially useful when you need to carbonate a beer at the same time as you are serving one.  It also works well when serving two different styles of beer at different pressures.

Cat # Description Size/Price Qty Buy
KG122 Dual Body CO2 Regulator

CO2 Manifolds

CO2 Manifold 2 Valves CO2 Manifold 3 Valves CO2 Manifold 4 Valves

These manifolds are extruded aluminum and are designed to be mounted on a wall. They are 1/4" hose barb inlet and 1/4" shut-off hose barb outlets. All outlets have check valves to prevent back-flow of CO2 gas.

Cat # Description Size/Price Qty Buy
KG248 Manifold with 2 valves
KG247 Manifold with 3 valves
KG246 Manifold with 4 valves

Carbonator CapCarbonator Cap

Fits most screw top plastic bottles. Use to inject or maintain CO2 from your draft system in any beverage.

Cat # Description Size/Price Qty Buy
KG400 Carbonator Cap

Counter Pressure Bottle FillerCounter Pressure Bottle Filler

Flush and fill with this all-stainless filler! Features a special valve on top that has three positions: off, beer and CO2. The unit is inserted into the bottle in the off position, then turned to CO2 to flush the bottle and then to beer for filling. The result is a more effective purging of oxygen and fresher tasting beer. Also features an adjustable pressure relief and easy one hand operation.

Cat # Description Size/Price Qty Buy
KG411 Counter Pressure Bottle Filler