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Beer Testing Equipment

Testing Alcohol Content

Cat # Description Size/Price Qty Buy
TE100 The Home Brewery Triple-Scale Hydrometer - A high-quality glass instrument. Float in wine or beer both before and after fermentation to calculate alcohol content. This comes in a plastic tube that can be used, marginally, as a test jar. It works much better to just float the sanitized Hydrometer in the cooled brewpot or fermenter, or use a #TE125 Test Jar. Full instructions are included. 
TE105 Thermo/Hydrometer - Take an accurate Temperature and Specific Gravity reading of your sample at the same time.
TE111 RefractometerRefractometer - A refractometer is used to measure the density of a solution, or how much sugar is in solution. This refractometer is unique in that it features both a Brix Scale (typically used by winemakers to measure the sugar level of grapes) and a Specific Gravity Scale (the scale most home brewers and home wine makers use). Reads 0 to 32% Brix scale with .2% resolution and 1.000 to 1.120 SG. Features ATC (Automatic Temperature Compensation) and calibration.
TE115 Alcohol Hydrometer (Proof & Tralle) - Tests for alcohol (proof) in hard liquor. You must use a glass test jar with distilled spirits.  Not for wine or beer


Cat # Description Size/Price Qty Buy
TE125 Test Jar - plastic, 14". Used to hold a sample of wine or beer for the Hydrometer
TE130 Glass Test JarGlass Hydrometer Test Jar - 12 inches tall with a glass tube and a wide plastic base.

Note: Style may vary due to availability
TE420 Ehrlenmeyer Flask 1000 ml. - Perfect for yeast starters.   Can be put on an open flame. Erlenmeyer Flask
TE425 Ehrlenmeyer Flask 2000 ml. - Perfect for yeast starters.   Can be put on an open flame.
TE428 Ehrlenmeyer Flask 5000 ml. - Perfect for yeast starters.   Can be put on an open flame.
TE400 Fermtech ThiefFermtech Thief - 19" tube with a one-way valve in the bottom.  Made to allow a sample in and retain it for testing with a hydrometer.
TE405 Plastic Thief (3 piece) - 19" sampling tool used for wine or beer.  Three piece construction for easy cleaning.  Traditional style, easy one-hand operation.
TE406 Glass Thief - 12" sampling tool used for wine or beer. 
TE407 Nylon Baster - 18 1/4" long. This oversized baster makes it easy to take samples. It can also be used to neatly distribute sanitizer over brewing equipment.


Cat # Description Size/Price Qty Buy
TE230 Fermometer - Liquid crystal thermometer strip that sticks to the outside of a fermenter and monitors wort temperature. Has a self-adhesive backing and reads from 36 to 78 degrees F.
TE200 The Home Brewery Floating Thermometer - Scale goes to 212 degrees F. Very easy to read and work with. This is a good quality Thermometer with a vinyl top for handling in hot liquid.
TE205 Dial Probe Thermometer - 12" probe with a 2" dial.  Works great for accurate monitoring of mashing and sparging temperatures in all-grain brewing.  Includes clip.
TE215 Deluxe Digital Thermometer/Timer - quick and accurate temperature readings, programmable temperature alarm, timer
TE217 Digital Probe ThermometerDigital Probe Thermometer - 2.75" stem, with a 6 second response time. Water Resistant. Has a temperature range from -40 to +450 degrees F, can be calibrated.


Cat # Description Size/Price Qty Buy
TE415 Large Hop and Grain Scale - 11 lb. capacity marked ounce and grams.  Includes a detachable bowl.
TE417 Digital ScaleDigital Scale - 11 lb. capacity.  Accurate to 1/10th ounce. Weight mode in grams, pound/ounces, and ounces. Also has a tare feature and sealed buttons to protect from spills.

Test Kits, Papers, & Solutions

Cat # Description Size/Price Qty Buy
TE320 Acid Test Paper - For beer. Centered in the 5.5 range for mashing. 100 strips
TE445 Ph CheckerpH Meter (Checker) - Range 0-14 pH with .1 resolution and accuracy.  2 point calibration, ATC, replaceable electrode.
TE446 Replacement Electrode for pH Meter
TE457 Electrode Cleaning Solution for pH Meter
230ml - $19.95
TE459 Electrode Storage Solution for pH Meter
230ml - $18.95
TE450 pH Calibration Buffer Solution 4.01 pH - ph Calibration buffer solution - 20 ml single use sachets.
TE455 pH Calibration Buffer Solution 7.01 pH - ph Calibration buffer solution - 20 ml single use sachets.