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Beer Equipment - Thermometers & Accessories

Cat # Description Size/Price Qty Buy
TE215 Deluxe Digital Thermometer/Timer - quick and accurate temperature readings, programmable temperature alarm, timer
TE217 Digital Probe ThermometerDigital Probe Thermometer - 2.75" stem, with a 6 second response time. Water Resistant. Has a temperature range from -40 to +450 degrees F, can be calibrated.
TE224 BrewMometerBrewMometer NPT - 60F to 220F stainless steel thermometer has a 3” dial with critical brewing temperatures marked and a calibration screw. Stem only protrudes about 2" into the pot - deep enough for an accurate reading, shallow enough to stay out of the way of your stirring paddle.
Perfect for a brew pot with a 1/2" female NPT coupling already installed.
TE225 BrewMometerBrewMometer Weldless - Same specifications as TE224 above except with a 1/2" threaded back with a nut and washer for weldless mounting. Drill a 1/2" hole in your brewpot and you're ready to install!
TE225A BrewMometerAdjustable Face Weldless BrewMometer - Face can be rotated to any convenient viewing angle. No more stooping over or using a step to read your Brewmometer.
TE226 3" Dial Probe Thermometer with 2" stem - Threaded back 1/2 inch NPT
$27.95 Temporarily Unavailable
TE227 3" Dial Probe Thermometer with 4" stem - Threaded back 1/2 inch NPT.
$27.95 Temporarily Unavailable
TE205 2" Dial Probe Thermometer with clip - 12" probe with a 2" dial includes clip.  Works great for accurate monitoring of mashing and sparging temperatures in all-grain brewing
TE230 Fermometer - Liquid crystal thermometer strip that sticks to the outside of a fermenter and monitors wort temperature. Has a self-adhesive backing and reads from 36 to 78 degrees F.
TE235 12" Lab Thermometer - 0 Degrees to 220 Degrees Fahrenheit
TE200 The Home Brewery Floating Thermometer - Scale goes to 212 degrees F. Very easy to read and work with. This is a good quality Thermometer with a vinyl top for handling in hot liquid.


This is the perfect compliment to the Therminator Chiller. It is an inline thermometer with hose fittings on both ends.


All you have to do is look to see the wort temperature. Made from aluminum alloy, it will last a lifetime, is easy to sanitize and will eliminate the guesswork in pitching your yeast.

Cat # Description Size/Price Qty Buy
TE220 Thrumometer