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Wine Additives - Herbs & Spices

Cat # Description Size/Price Qty Buy
FL103 Allspice Berries - Used for holiday and specialty beers for a distinct "pumpkin pie" flavor and aroma.
1 oz. - $1.50
ME335 Candi Sugar, Light - This sugar is made from sugar beets.  Used to produce some of the unique beer styles Belgium is famous for.  (75 L)
1 lb - $4.50
ME337 Candi Sugar, Dark - This sugar is made from sugar beets.  Used to produce some of the unique beer styles Belgium is famous for.  (275 L)
1 lb - $4.50
FL105 Bitter Orange Peel - This grey-green peel is really neither bitter or orange tasting but it does impart chamomile-like flavors that are critical in Belgian wits.  (note that domestic orange peel is not a substitute, and will impart off flavors.)
1 oz - $1.25
FL160 Sweet Orange Peel - Adds a wonderful orange flavor to your Belgian style strong ales and specialty holiday brews.
1 oz - $0.95
FL111 Cardamom Seeds - Spicy cola flavor used in specialty beers and sodas.
1/2 oz - $1.95
FL113 Chamomile - Imparts a slightly floral and pleasantly sweet apple-like flavor and aroma. Great for summer ales and Belgian Wits.
2 oz - $1.95
FL115 Cinnamon Sticks - Used in spicy holiday ales and ciders.
1 oz - $0.95
FL120 Coriander Seeds - A key flavor in the Belgian Wit beers.  Whole seeds that release their spiciness when crushed and added to the end of the boil or to the fermenter.
1 oz- $0.95
FL125 Dried Elderberries - These small dark berries are often used to enhance flavor and color.
8 oz - $7.95
FL130 Dried Elderflowers - Often added to certain wine styles to enhance flavor.
2 oz - $3.95
FL135 Ginger Root - Dried - A very widely used and versatile root that adds a distinct flavor to your fine ales, sodas & wines.
1 oz - $1.25
FL140 Heather Tips - The flowers and greenery of this herb impart a pleasing aroma and subtle bitterness to beers.   Commonly used in some Scottish Ales.  Has a flavor reminiscent of Chamomile, Mint, and Lavender.
2 oz - $3.95
FL145 Indian Sarsaparilla - Add to improve mouth feel and head retention in beer and soda.
2 oz - $3.50
FL147 Lemon Peel - Adds a lemon/citrus flavor and aroma. Great for sumer ales and wheat beers.
1 oz - $1.50
FL148 Lime Peel - Lime is values both for its acidity and floral aroma, they are usually sweeter than lemons. Commonly found in wheat and Belgian style beers, can give an intense citrus taste and aroma.
1 oz - $2.95
FL150 Brewing Licorice - Unsweetened licorice.
stick - $1.95
FL202 American Oak Chips Oak Chips - Lightly toasted American Oak.
8 oz - $1.95
FL207 French Oak Chips French Oak Chips - Medium toasted French Oak.
8 oz - $4.50
FL155 Paradise Seeds - Also called "grains of paradise"  Have a peppery zing with notes of citrus and pine.
1/2 oz - $1.75
FL335 Spruce Essence - Natural flavor
2 oz - $5.50
FL180 Vanilla Bean
each - $2.00