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Wine Bottle Corkers

Cat # Description Size/Price Qty Buy
CC505 mini bottle corkerMini-Corker - An economical wine bottle corker that works.
CC515 Gilda wine corker Gilda 3-lever Corker - Two handles compress the cork and the third drives it into the wine bottle.  Works great for premium corks.
CC520 Portuguese Floor Corker - Smooth nylon iris compresses cork and spring-loaded locking bottle support secure the wine bottle.
Note: Does not work with Bellissima bottles.
Italian floor corker
CC525 Italian Floor Corker - Sturdy machine makes corking a pleasure.  Powerful brass iris and locking bottle support will save you time and effort.  Must have for the serious amateur.
CC526 Capper Adapter for Italian Floor Corker Capper Adapter for Italian Floor Corker - Transforms this fine piece of equipment into a capper for beer bottles.
CC510 double lever bottle corker Easy Double Lever Corker - Two handles give you more leverage and unique spring design grabs the neck of the bottle for less slipping.

Note:  Not recommended for use with the Nomacorc corks.