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Wort Chiller, 25 ft Immersion Style
Wort Chiller, 25 ft Immersion Style

Wort Chiller, 25 ft Immersion Style

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Immersion style  wort chiller made with 25 feet of copper, perfect for 5 gallon batches.

An all-copper Wort Chiller is one of the most important pieces of equipment in homebrewing. It is vital to cool boiling beer wort to yeast pitching temperature in the shortest possible time. Put a Home Brewery Immersion Wort Chiller in the Brewpot at the end of the boil and run cold water through it. Cooling will be done in about 15 minutes! Sanitation is assured because only the outside of the Chiller touches your beer, and it starts out in boiling liquid.

Our Immersion Chillers have 3 feet of Tubing and Garden Hose Connectors on each end - Female on the input and Male on the output. To connect to the kitchen sink, you will need a faucet adapter if your sink faucet does not have garden hose thread. Full instructions are included.

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