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Cool Brew Fermentation Cooler
Cool Brew Fermentation Cooler Cool Brew Fermentation Cooler

Cool Brew Fermentation Cooler

Product Code: 3003
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Price: $59.95
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The Cool Brew Fermentation Cooler offers a simple, yet effective means of controlling fermentation temperatures without the high costs associated with customizing a refrigerator.  This quality-built fermentation cooler is insulated, waterproof, completely sealable and specifically designed to control fermentation temperatures while homebrewing.  Just add ice packs, ice, frozen 2-liter water bottles, water or anything cold and switch out as needed to reach the desired temperature.  Cool Brewing Fermentation Cooler is designed specifically to accommodate standard 6.5 and 5 gallon fermenters and carboys (even fits with an airlock -  This thing is big!)  Works great to neatly and easily keep your fermentation temperatures in check. We also like the idea that any mess caused by an overactive fermentation would be contained in the sealed bag and not all over the ceiling or closet floor! When you're done the Cool Brewing Fermentation Cooler easily folds up for storage until the next brew day!

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