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This is the Original (standard) size AutoSiphon for 3/8" ID Siphon Tubing (sold seperately).  The inner tube acts like a plunger, pushing liquid against the check valve at the bottom of the outer tube.  This action forces the liquid down the hose to start the siphon.  Starting a siphon is as simple as pumping a couple of times then letting gravity do the heavy work!

Gone are the days of priming your tubing to get your siphon started... use the Autosiphon!

Gone are the days of sucking on the hose to get it going (you didn't really do this anyway, did you?!?)...Just use the Autosiphon!

Once you have used an Autosiphon it's hard to think about NOT using one!!

Saftey Note: Autosiphons are NOT designed to be used with HOT WORT!  

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