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Deluxe Beer Brewing Equipment Kit
Deluxe Beer Brewing Equipment Kit

Deluxe Beer Brewing Equipment Kit

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The Home Brewery's Deluxe Equipment Kit provides the new brewer with everything needed for fermentation, transferring and bottling homemade beer in five gallon batches.  The deluxe kit includes everything in the basic kit plus several gadgets, time savers and tools that make the brewing process easier and faster.  This equipment kit also provides the secondary carboy needed for two stage fermentation.  As with the basic kit you will need to have a brewpot to boil in and bottles to bottle your homebrew in (see notes below) 

Deluxe Beer Brewing Equipment Kit Includes:

Recommended Equipment: You will need a large boiling kettle or brewpot. We recommend at least a 5 gallon capacity for a partial boil or at least 7.5 Gallon capacity for a full 5 gallon boil. You will also need a little over two cases worth of re-cappable 12 oz beer bottles. Beer bottles can be purchased new or used bottles can be cleaned, sanitized and re-used.  


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