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Faucets and Handles

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Plastic Tapper Spigot
Hand held, black cobra-head style spigot with 1/4" hose barb. Easy to disassemble and clean.  S..
Beer Faucet
Chrome plated brass beer faucet with black plastic handle.  Smooth bore for less foaming. ..
Beer Faucet Assembly
Chrome Beer Faucet Assembly. Convert that old fridge into the kegerator of your dreams. Assembly com..
Perlick Faucet with Handle
Perlick Stainless Beer Faucet. All stainless steel faucet with unique forward seal design. &nbs..
Perlick Faucet with Shank
Perlick Stainless Beer Faucet Assemply. For those who insist on the best, especially when it comes t..
Faucet Shank with Barb
Faucet Shank - Threaded shank with hose barb at the back. Will mount up to 3 1/2" thick and includes..
Short Faucet Shank with 90' Barb
Faucet shank designed to be mounted in a flat, panel. Only usefull for thin mounting surfaces. The 9..
Beer Faucet Assembly for Cornie Keg
Chrome beer faucet with black handle mounts directly to your corny keg. It comes with adapter and ke..
Adapter for Flare to Faucet
This fitting has 1/4" flare thread on one side shank mating on the other side.  Allows for..
Adapter Assembly for Beer Faucet
Adapter for direct mounting of a chrome beer faucet to a corny keg. Can be used with a chrome beer f..
Plastic Faucet Handle
Simple black plastic handle that fits any faucet threads. ..
Pub Style Faucet Handle - Natural
Measures 6 inches tall.  This Pub Style Faucet Handle will attach to any standard faucets, impr..
Pub Style Faucet Handle - Black
Measures 6 inches tall.  This Pub Style Faucet Handle will attach to any standard faucets, impr..
Chrome Tower with Faucet
Chrome Beer Faucet Tower. The ultimate for creating the bar of your dreams. Mounts to any bar or cou..
Handle Insert (threaded)
These brass fittings are available for making your very own tap handles. Simply drill a hole in what..
Angled Bonnet Adapter
Threads directly onto faucet between faucet and handle and helps to angle the handle away from the w..
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