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Thermometers and Testing

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Triple Scale Hydrometer
Triple-Scale Hydrometer (Specific Gravity, Potential Alcohol and Ball).  A high-quality gl..
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Hydrometer readings should be taken at 60ºF.  This handy hydrometer allows you to take an accur..
A refractometer is used to measure the density of a liquid, or how much sugar is dissolved in a liqu..
Proof (Alcohol)  Hydrometer
Alcohol Hydrometer (Proof & Tralle) - Tests alcohol or proof of distilled spirits. &nb..
Glass Test Jar 12"
12" Glass Hydrometer Test Jar - Use to hold a sample to be tested with a hydrometer. Note..
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Glass Test Jar Bumper
Plastic Bumper fits our 12" Glass Hydrometer Test Jar to help protect the glass tube in case it gets..
Hydrometer Test Jar 10"
10" Plastic Hydrometer Test Jar - Use to hold a sample to be tested with a hydrometer. Note: Style m..
Floating Thermometer
Floating Thermometer. Scale goes to 212º F. Very easy to read and work with. This is a good qua..
Dial Probe Thermometer
Stainless Steel 12" probe with a 2" dial face and a pot clip.  Reads quickly and accurately. &n..
Laboratory Thermometer
12" Glass Laboratory Thermometer.  0º F  to 220º F ..
Liquid crystal thermometer strip that sticks to the outside of a glass carboy, plastic fermenter or ..
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BrewMometer, 1/2"  NPT
BrewMometer™ with 1/2" NPT is perfect for a brew pot with a 1/2" female NPT coupling already in..
BrewMometer, Weldless
This Weldless BrewMometer™ model has a 1/2" threaded back with a nut and washer for weldless mountin..
BrewVision by Blichmann Engineering
Key Features: Interactive Updates and Alerts. BeerSmith™ Recipe Integration. Recordable Re..
Adjustable Angle BrewMometer, Weldless
Adjustable Face BrewMometer™. Face can be rotated to any convenient viewing angle. No more stooping ..
ThruMometer, In-Line Thermometer
When wort is too cold, you get long lag times and increased opportunities for bacterial infection. W..
Fermtech Thief
Thief and Test Jar all in one handy gadget.  19" tube with a one-way valve in the bottom. Desig..
Plastic, 3 piece Thief
Used for taking samples from carboys or barrels to test with hydrometer and/or taste. 19" sampling ..
Nylon Baster
18 ¼" long. This oversized baster makes it easy to take samples. It can also be used to neatly distr..
Glass Wine Thief 12"
12" Glass Thief.  Used for pulling a sample of wine or beer.  One piece design. ..
ANVIL Small Digital Scale
Anvil Brewing Equipment high precision digital scale has a 5” X 5” weighing surface and a capacity o..
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Digital Scale
11 lb. capacity. Accurate to 1/10th ounce. Weight mode in grams, pound/ounces, and ounces. Also has ..
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Acid Test Paper - Beer
Centered in the 5.5 pH range for mashing. 100 strips ..
pH Meter
The Beverage Doctor brand portable pen style pH meter is an excellent value, considering all of..
pH Calibration Solution 4.01
4.01 pH Calibration Buffer Solution.   20 ml foil sachets. ..
pH Calibration Solution 7.01
7.01 pH Calibration Buffer Solution.  20 ml foil sachets. ..
Measuring Syringe, 20 ml
Makes small measurements easy.  20ml. ..
Erlenmeyer Flask, 1000ml
Borosilicate glass flasks are designed to be put on an open flame and moved from heat to ice wi..
Erlenmeyer Flask, 2000ml
Borosilicate glass flasks are designed to be put on an open flame and moved from heat to ice wi..
Erlenmeyer Flask, 5000ml
Borosilicate glass flasks are designed to be put on an open flame and moved from heat to ice wi..
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