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Chemicals and Additives

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Kerry FermCap S
Kerry FermCap® S is a unique emulsion of dimethylpolysiloxane. It is an extremely effective, surface..
Clarity Ferm by White Labs
Clarity Ferm by White Labs is used for two reasons: 1) To increase the collodial stability of beer ..
ACCUmash Water Treatment
ACCUmash is a purified water additive for All Grain Brewers that targets the correct water profile f..
Hard Seltzer Yeast and Nutrient Pack
A yeast and nutrient blend specifically formulated for making hard seltzer alcohol bases with a clea..
Propper Hard Seltzer Nutrient Pack
Propper Seltzer™ is a proprietary yeast nutrient used to brew 100% sugar-based hard seltzers using a..
Wyeast Yeast Nutrient
Wyeast nutrient is a blend of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, free amino nitrogen compounds, zinc, ..
Liquid Anti-Foam
Food-grade, silicon-based liquid anti-foam emulsion for prevention of foaming during fermentation or..
Amylase Enzyme
One of the naturally occurring enzymes active in the mash.  Will help convert complex starches ..
Alpha Amylase Enzyme
FermFast Alpha Amylase Enzyme Thermostable powdered alpha-amylase enzyme for hydrolysis of lon..
Calcium Carbonate
Beermaking:  It is used in the mash to increase pH and add "temporary hardness".  Use 1 ts..
Calcium Chloride
Beer Making:  Calcium Chloride hardens Water, increases Calcium, Lowers pH without harsh f..
Gelatin Finings
An effective clarifier for your Beer and Wine.  Can also be used in winemaking to strip ta..
GlucoAmylase Enzyme
FermFast GlucoAmylase Enzyme Powdered glucoamylase enzyme for hydrolysis of short-chain dextrins in..
GlucoAmylase Enzyme - 1 Pound
Powdered glucoamylase enzyme for hydrolysis of short-chain dextrins into fermentatable sugars. For s..
Gypsum (Calcium Sulphate) is used to harden water and to lower pH.  Use in the brewing mash to ..
Irish Moss
Beer clarifier used in the last 15 minutes of the boil to coagulate proteins and break them out of s..
Whirlfloc Tablets
Whirlfloc® T kettle coagulant and fining agent is a purified, high molecular weight carrageenan powd..
FermFast DualFine Clearing Aid
KC Finings in a 2-pouch system containing Liquid Kieselsol and Chitosan finings. One pack sufficient..
Chitosan Finings 1%
Effective clarifier derived from Chitin, a polysaccharide in shellfish shells. Long standing favorit..
Kieselsol Finings 30%
A silica based liquid fining often paired with Chitosan in a ratio of 3 parts Chitosan to ..
Lactic Acid
88% solution used to lower pH.  Typically used in the mash or sparge water.  Can use ..
pH Stabilizer 5.2
A proprietary blend of food-grade phosphate buffers (similar to brewer's salts) that will lock in yo..
Phosphoric Acid 10%
Used to lower pH in the mash without off flavors.  Also used to refresh Star San solutions. 10%..
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