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Specialty Grains

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Acidulated Malt
Weyermann Acidulated Malt. Pale, slightly acidic malt for adjusting mash pH, resulting in better mas..
Amber Malt
William Crisp Amber Malt is a kilned specialty malt by Crisp Malting. It has a strong biscuity, toas..
Aromatic (Belgian)
Dingemans Aromatic Malt The intensive germination and mild kilning of Dingemans Aromatic will add..
Black Barley
Crisp Malting produces this black roasted, unmalted barley.  It is a quintessential ingredient ..
Black Malt (Black Patent)
Briess Black Malt is a very black, heavily roasted malted barley.  It imparts an almost ta..
Brown Malt
William Crisp Brown Malt by Crisp Malting is a roasted specialty malt. It has a strong, dark-to..
Carafa II  (De-Husked Barley)
Weyermann® CARAFA® Special Type 2 is a dark-roasted specialty malt made from high-quality sprin..
Caramel 20 Malt
Briess Light Caramel Malt (20 lv) Adds body, sweetness, mild caramel flavors and a nice co..
Caramel 40 Malt
Briess Caramel Malt (40 lv) Gives a sweet, medium caramel flavor and a light red color.  Briess..
Caramel 60 Malt
Briess Medium Caramel Malt. (60 lv)  Adds sweet, caramel flavors and nice copper color to any b..
Caramel 90 Malt
Briess Dark Caramel Malt (90 lv) Pronounced flavors of caramel, slight burnt sugar, r..
Caramel 120 Malt
Briess Caramel Malt (120 lv)  Gives a pronounced to sharp caramel flavor with hints of burnt su..
CaramelPils (Belgian)
Dingemans Cara 8 is a very light crystal/caramel malt produced in a drum roaster. Its unique flavor ..
CaraMunich (Belgian)
Dingemans Cara 45 is a medium-colored caramel malt used by many traditional Belgian breweries to pro..
Carapils Malt
Briess Carapils® Malt.  Dextrin style malt used to increase foam, improve head r..
CaraRed Malt
Weyermann® CARARED® is a drum-roasted caramel malt made from two-row, German barley that can be used..
CaraRye Malt (German)
Weyermann® CARARYE® is a drum-roasted caramel malt made from German rye.  CARARYE® can be ..
CaraVienne (Belgian)
Dingemans Cara 20 is a light crystal/caramel malt used by many traditional Belgian breweries in Abbe..
Chocolate Malt
Briess Chocolate Malt is a very popular American roasted malt used for color adjustment and flavor. ..
Double Roasted Crystal Malt
Simpsons Double Roasted Crystal (DRC™). Simpsons DRC™ has been several years in the making. Using y..
Golden Naked Oats
Simpsons Golden Naked Oats. While most oats used in brewing are unmalted adjuncts, Simpsons Golden N..
Honey Malt
Gambrinus Honey Malt adds intense malt sweetness and some color contribution to your beer recipes. &..
Malted Oats
Great for adding an unmistakable warm texture and silkiness to your next homebrew. Perfect in stouts..
Melanoidin Malt
Weyermann® Melanoidin is a kilned specialty malt with an intense malt aroma and unique brewing chara..
Midnight Wheat
Briess Midnight Wheat. A subtle, smooth, bitterless black malt. Starts slightly sweet with hints of ..
Pale Chocolate Malt
Crisp Pale Chocolate malt is a light-roasted specialty malt. Lighter in color and milder in taste th..
Gleneagles Premium Peated Malt
Authentic flavor for smoky malt whisky. Historically, Scottish malthouses used peat as the fuel for ..
Roasted Barley
Briess Roasted Barley.  Imparts dry roasted, bitter, coffee-like flavors and dark brown color, ..
Smoked Malt
Weyermann® Beech Smoked Barley Malt is produced from German-grown top quality Spring barley. This ma..
Special B (Belgian)
Through its unique double drying process, Dingemans Special B® has a distinctive aroma and flavor. S..
Special Roast Malt
Briess Special Roast Malt. Complex flavored Biscuit-style Malt. With its characteristic and bol..
Victory Malt
Briess Victory Malt (Biscuit Malt) Toasted malted barley adds rich flavor, light color. Well su..
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