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Dr Rudi (Super Alpha) Hop Pellets (New Zealand)

Dr Rudi (Super Alpha) Hop Pellets (New Zealand)

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New Zealand Dr Rudi - A dual purpose / bittering hop with classic resinous pine and lifted citrus characters (10-12%AA)
Notes of fresh citrus peel beneath a mix of aromas such as pine needles and lemongrass when used as a late addition become evident in the aromas.  A very versatile hop in the brew house where it can be used to deliver a quality crisp bitterness as well as excellent aroma qualities. Typical of New Zealand varieties, the oil profile sets it apart as a hop with many applications and can now be found in breweries throughout international markets where it is sought for its ability to integrate and finely balance both Ales and Lagers. 1 oz Bag


Alpha Acid 10 - 12%
Co-Humulone 33%
Origin New Zealand
Possible Substitutions
Usage Multi Purpose

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