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Basic Extract Ingredient Kits

All great beers have two things in common: the finest brewing ingredients and the best beer recipes. The Home Brewery's Ingredient Kits have both!  With freshness and quality in mind, we produce all of our kits on demand. We want you to make great beer the first time and every time. Our beer brewing kits come with complete instructions that are easy to read and follow. They contain all the ingredients you will need to produce five gallons of great home brewed beer that you will be able to serve with pride.

Basic Extract Recipe Ingredient Kits include:  Dry Malt Extract, Specialty Grains, Hops, Yeast, Clarifier, and Priming Sugar (for carbonating).

These beer kits are so easy to make that even a first-time brewer can brew a great beer with one of these kits, but the quality and convenience keep even experienced brewers coming back for more.


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