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Liquid Beer Yeast

Wyeast Liquid Yeast Packs are pure liquid yeast strains for brewing a wide array of your favorite beer,wine, mead and cider. Using them is an effective way to improve the quality of your homebrew and is essential for "cloning" many styles of Ales, Lagers and Wheat beers. Wyeast Activator packs contain so many yeast cells they can be used straight out of the package without making a yeast starter. Unlike any other pitchable on the market, The Activator is the only one that comes in a double foil bag called a "smack pack." When activated the inner foil pouch breaks open and releases nutrients that start the yeast working. You will see the pack start to swell within hours providing proof of life before you pitch it into your wort! That is peace of mind any brewer will appreciate.

The Wyeast Activator provides:

  • 100 billion cells of pure liquid yeast.
  • Recommended pitch rate profesionals use
  • Dramatically reduced lag times.
  • No need for a yeast starter.
  • The only package that provides essential fatty acids and micro nutrients for a healthy and complete fermentation.
  • When activated, yeast metabolism begins, providing proof of viable active yeast ready for brewing.
  • Easy-to-use instructions!  
  • Instructions from Wyeast
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