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Omega Beer Yeast

Liquid Yeast Cultures from OMEGA YEAST
**Special Order - Allow 1 to 2 weeks for delivery**
Omega Yeast produces fresh, high quality and pitch-ready liquid yeast, enabling homebrewers to respond to the growing trends with a wider selection of yeast strains that allows for wider variety of flavors and styles of craft beer.


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Omega Yeast West Coast Ale I
Omega Yeast West Coast Ale I  OYL004 Popularly called "Chico," West Coast Ale I is a reliabl..
Omega Yeast Irish Ale
Omega Yeast Irish Ale  OYL005 Ireland’s storied stout is thought to be balanced by this dry,..
Omega Yeast DIPA Ale
Omega Yeast DIPA Ale  OYL052 A strong fermenter popularly referred to as "Conan," the DIPA A..
Omega Yeast Tropical IPA
Omega Yeast Tropical IPA  OYL200 Tropical IPA is a unique Saccharomyces strain formerly clas..
Omega Yeast Hefeweizen Ale I
Omega Yeast Hefeweizen Ale I  OYL021 A classic German wheat strain, Hefeweizen Ale I is a cl..
Omega Yeast Kolsch II
Omega Yeast Kolsch II  OYL044 Kolsch II is warmer fermenting lager-like ale strain that's li..
Omega Yeast British Ale I
Omega Yeast British Ale I  OYL006 A productive, brewer-friendly top cropper attributed to a ..
Omega Yeast British Ale V
Omega Yeast British Ale V  OYL011 A good top cropper thought to be from a famous Manchester ..
Omega Yeast British Ale VIII
Omega Yeast British Ale VIII  OYL016 A ridiculously thorough flocculator thought to be from ..
Omega Yeast Bayern Lager
Omega Yeast Bayern Lager  OYL114 The Bayern Lager strain is clean, crisp and ferments well a..
Omega Yeast Belgian Ale A
Omega Yeast Belgian Ale A  OYL024 As one of the few highly flocculent Belgian ale strains, B..
Omega Yeast Belgian Ale W
Omega Yeast Belgian Ale W  OYL028 An eruptive top cropper displaying nice fruit and rustic p..
Omega Yeast Belgian Saison II
Omega Yeast Belgian Saison II  OYL042 Thought to originate from a small, sophisticated, Belg..
Omega Yeast C2C American Farmhouse
Omega Yeast C2C American Farmhouse  OYL217 C2C American Farmhouse is a coast to coast blend ..
Omega Yeast Brett Blend #1: Where Da Funk?
Omega Yeast Brett Blend #1: Where Da Funk?  OYL210 One Brett-famous Colorado brewery strain,..
Omega Yeast Brett Blend #2: Bit O' Funk
Omega Yeast Brett Blend #2: Bit O' Funk  OYL211 Brett Blend #2: Bit O' Funk contains the two..
Omega Yeast Brett Blend #3: Bring on Da Funk
Omega Yeast Brett Blend #3: Bring on Da Funk  OYL212 Brett Blend #3: Bring on Da Funk consis..
Omega Yeast All the Bretts
Omega Yeast All the Bretts  OYL218 A blend of nearly every Brett in our collection. Use All ..
Omega Yeast HotHead Ale
Omega Yeast HotHead Ale  OYL057 A highly flocculent Norwegian ale strain with an astoundingl..
Omega Yeast Voss Kveik
Omega Yeast Voss Kveik  OYL061 Voss Kveik's orange-citrus notes present throughout its wide ..
Omega Yeast Hornindal Kveik
Omega Yeast Hornindal Kveik  OYL091 Hornindal presents a tropical flavor and aroma of fresh ..
Omega Yeast Saisonstein's Monster
Omega Yeast Saisonstein's Monster  OYL500 Saisonstein's Monster is an Omega-original, geneti..
Omega Yeast Lactobacillus Blend
Omega Yeast Lactobacillus Blend  OYL605 A Lactobacillus brevis and plantarum blend that is c..
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