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BevBright Filter Cartridge - 5 Micron

BevBright Filter Cartridge - 5 Micron

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High Efficiency, 5 Micron, BevBright™Cartridge Filters are an inexpensive, easy to use, and effective filtration media.  This high-efficiency, multi-zoned, disposable cartridge filter boasts a 90% efficiency rating!  Other spun cartridge filters have 60-80% efficiency ratings, meaning they let a lot of the material at their given micron rating pass right through the filter.  Use for Beer, Wine or any beverage needing filtering, fits a standard 10" Filter Housing.

Use a 5 micron filter when there are visible particulates in your beer or wine.  The 5 micron cartridge will remove almost all of the visible imperfections and the majority of any yeast left in suspension, all while being the least likely to clog up mid-filtration.  For a beer or wine that is well settled and just needs a final clean-up, use a 3 or 1 micron filtration instead. These filters are so affordable that we recommend just tossing them in the trash when you're done!  Save your time, frustration and risk of trying to clean and sanitize a reusable filter cartridge. 


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