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Dark Dry Malt Extract

Dark Dry Malt Extract

Brand: Briess
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Briess CBW® Traditional Dark DME is 100% pure malted barley extract. Used alone, it will produce a dark colored beer with an intense malty character and a hint of roast. Specialty grains can be added to change the color and flavor, making it an excellent malt base for any beer style where increased color and flavor is desired.  Use in the production of brown ales, stouts, porters, doppelbocks and other dark colored beers.

Tip: To convert a recipe from LME (liquid malt extract) to DME (dry malt extract)
Use the following calculation: (Pounds LME x 34) / 42

Tip: Dry Malt Extract is Hygroscopic, meaning it will absorb moisture and tends to clump. To dissolve, warm your brewing water, stir in the extract until thoroughly dissolved, then bring to a boil. This works better than trying to stir it into a steaming, boiling kettle.

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