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Eclipse Nocturnal (Includes Grape Skins)
Eclipse Nocturnal (Includes Grape Skins)

Eclipse Nocturnal (Includes Grape Skins)

Brand: WinExpert
Product Code: 3007
Reward Points: 176
Price: $176.95
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Eclipse Nocturnal.  Limited Release Wine Ingredient Kit - available for a limited time only!  Order yours today!
18 Liter Kit Yields 6 Gallons of Premium Wine.  30 Bottle Labels are included in the Kit.  

Nocturnal is a classic blend with an unusual moonlit twist. The grapes were plucked from the vines in the cool of the night when sugar levels are more stable and acid levels are better. This results in a wine with richer flavor and aromatics. Grenache, Syrah, Mourvèdre and Cinsault deliver complex spicy aromas with fruity plum and black raspberry on the palate, balanced with earthy woodsmoke. The full body and lush tannins make the finish just long enough to savor all the nuances in this gorgeous wine.

The Region:
Blends reign supreme in Languedoc, a large coastal wine region in the south of France which stretches from the Rhône valley in the east to the Spanish border in the south west. A wide variety of grapes grow well in the exquisite Mediterranean climate and fertile soil.

The Wine:
A blend of Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre and Cinsault harvested under the moonlit sky to create a captivating palate of plum, black raspberry and woodsmoke.

Food Pairing:
Try gourmet burgers to complement the smokey flavors in the wine or serve with a Cassoulet to match Nocturnal's southern France origins. A well-marbled cut of red meat makes for a more upscale pairing, but don't forget the candlelight.

Wine Ingredient Kits
Color Bold Red
Sweetness Dry
Oak Type
Oak Intensity Heavy
Body Full
ABV (Approx) 16%
Includes Grape Skins Yes
Kit Size 4.75 Gallons / 18 Liters
Yield 6 Gallons / 23 Liters
Minimum Aging 6-9 Months

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