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Fermzilla Conical Fermenter ( 7.1 Gallon / 27 L)
Fermzilla Conical Fermenter ( 7.1 Gallon / 27 L) Fermzilla Conical Fermenter ( 7.1 Gallon / 27 L)

Fermzilla Conical Fermenter ( 7.1 Gallon / 27 L)

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The new and improved FermZilla (Formerly Fermentasaurus Gen 1)  
Although the original Fermentasaurus was revolutionary at the time of its conception, there are always areas to improve upon. This is partly due to the strong community of Fermentasaurus users who have helped push for an improved conical unitank. What's New and Improved on the Fermzilla?

The Fermzilla is the world’s first conical PET fermenter that is pressurizable up to 2.4 Bar working pressure. Home brewers can see the yeast in action as the Fermzilla is crystal clear. You can dump yeast from the conical shape and clarify the beer without the need to rack off into another vessel. In the past, clarifying beer meant racking from one fermenter to another increasing the risks of infection and oxidation. Don’t waste time and put your beer at risk; now you can ferment, clarify and carbonate in one vessel!  The Fermzilla comes with a 1000 ml yeast harvesting container that is also pressure rated. The yeast harvesting container is ideal so you can save your yeast from one brew and pitch it into the next brew.  The Fermzilla has been designed with a sanitary butterfly valve with a stainless gate. This butterfly valve has been designed so that no threads are immersed in liquid when the Fermzilla is in use. Many fermenters on the market use ball valves which are notoriously difficult to sanitize as the ball valve assemblies have small cavities in them that fill with liquid and are near impossible to clean without disassembly.

What's Included:


Optional Pressure Kit (Sold Seperately) COMING SOON!


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