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Cider House Apple Cider Kit
A traditional hard sparkling cider that is packed full of flavor. This apple cider is crisp, light a..
Cider House Spiced Apple Cider Kit
Apple cider with a charming warming character compliments of the cinnamon and spices. This cider is ..
Cider House Cherry Cider Kit
Soft, luscious flavors of cherries that is perfectly balanced by the sweetness of apples. Enjoy! ..
Cider House Cranberry Apple Cider Kit
Sharp cranberry tones blend with sweet, fruity apples to create a medium sweet taste with an acidic ..
Cider House Peach Mango Cider Kit
Sweet peach and tropical mango are surrounded by a crisp apple flavor. Refreshingly smooth on the pa..
Cider House Pear Cider Kit
Bursting with pear flavor from the very first sip and deliciously easy to drink, a perfect companion..
Cider House Pineapple Cider Kit
Fresh, fruity pineapple with underlying tones of crisp apple combine to create a deliciously refresh..
Cider House Raspberry Lime Cider Kit
Starts off with bold flavors of fresh raspberries on the palette, finishing with a twist of lime. Wo..
Cider House Strawberry Pear Cider Kit
The taste of juicy pears combines with the unmistakable tones of fresh strawberries creating perfect..
SAF Cider Yeast
Selected in the champagne region, this fructophilic strain is perfectly suited for all cider type pr..
Cider House Cider Yeast
A high ester-producing strain, creating exceptional flavor. Trace nutrition has been included in thi..
Wyeast 4766 - Cider
Crisp and dry fermenting yeast with big, fruity finish. Creates a nice balance for all types of appl..
Apples to Cider
Apples to Cider  By April White with Stephen Wood of Farnum Hill Ciders Make great cider at ..
Cider:  Making, Using & Enjoying Sweet & Hard Cider by Proulx / Nichols.  The revi..
Making Apple Cider
Techniques, Tips and Recipes.  32 Pages. ..
Ratchet Press
Heavy duty, old-style Ratchet Press, a longtime favorite of winemakers.  Heavy painted cast iro..
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