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Distillation Equipment


A Note About Legality
**In the United States home distilling is federally illegal, meaning that hobbyists cannot distill alcohol for personal consumption in any state without a permit.
**Although Missouri state law says that someone over 21 can manufacture 100 gallons of liquor per year, federal law says NO WAY. Federal law trumps state law, so it's still illegal. Even in Missouri.
**Please research and know the risks of home distillation.
​**Still Spirits Products are designed and manufactured in New Zealand. In New Zealand it is legal to distil your own spirits and liqueurs for personal consumption.  

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5 Gallon Charred American Oak Barrel
Brand New - 5 Gallon - Charred American Oak Barrel Charred inside with a medium char (level 3) Ro..
$200.00 $175.00
Still Spirits Air Still
The Air Still is the fast and simple way to distill pure drinking water or make your favorite spirit..
Air Still Stainless Steel Infusion Basket
A great accessory for the Air Still.  This stainless steel basket can be used to infuse sp..
Still Spirits T500 Boiler
The Turbo 500 Electric Boiler by Still Spirits.   Stainless Steel Construction 25 L (6...
Still Spirits T500 Stainless Steel Reflux Condenser
The Still Spirits Turbo 500 reflux condenser works on the principles of ceiling temperatures, where ..
Still Spirits T500 Copper Reflux Condenser
The Still Spirits Turbo 500 reflux condenser works on the principles of ceiling temperatures, where ..
Copper Pot Still Alembic Dome Top
A component of the new Still Spirits Alchemist Series, This Copper Alembic Dome Top fits onto your T..
Copper Pot Still Condenser
Still Spirits Copper Pot Still Alembic Condenser is best used with the Pot Still Alembic Dome T..
Still Spirits Water Flow Regulator
Have you ever had to keep someone from flushing the toilet or turning the dishwasher on while we're ..
Still Spirits Carbon Filter and Collection System, 1 Liter
1 Liter System is simple and easy to use.  Filters any distillate through the replace..
Replacement Carbon Cartridges for 1 Liter Filter System
Contains 10 replacement cartridges for the Still Spirits Carbon Filter and Collection System, s..
Still Spirits EZ Carbon Filter, 10 Liter
The EZ FILTER System provides a complete solution for filtering distilled spirit or distilled water...
Replacement Carbon Cartridge for EZ Filters
Fast, clean, easy to use. Contains one replacement cartridge for EZ Filter System or EZ Inline Filte..
Still Spirits EZ Filter Replacement Washers
Still Spirits EZ Filter 40mm washer.  Replacement washers for the Still Spirits EZ Filter ..
Tri-Clamp Adapter Set 2"
Allows you to easily adapt a copper column (with 2" female NPT) to a US commercial Sanke Keg or othe..
Tri-Clamp Locking Clamp 2"
2" Tri-clamp locking clamp ..
Tri-Clamp - Male Pipe Thread NPT Coupler 2"
Stainless Steel Tri-Clamp to male pipe thread adapter, 2" size on both ends. This will work for any ..
Tri Clamp O Ring 2"
Highly chemical tolerant o-ring (EPDM).  Great for connecting a 2'' Tri-Clamp ferrule to a stan..
Tri Clamp Gasket 2"
Highly chemical tolerant gasket for a 2'' Tri-Clamp.  Recommended for Tri-Clamp to Tri-Clamp ap..
Copper Mesh
Copper mesh makes an excellent distillation column packing material due to its very high surface are..
Ceramic Raschig Rings
Raschig Rings are an excellent distillation column filling due to their extremely high surface area...
Ceramic Boil Enhancers
Aids the start of the boil process, and ensures a smooth rolling boil that does not jump up and bloc..
Activated Carbon, 4 oz
For use with any carbon purification system. Removes unwanted odors and flavors from fermented bases..
Activated Carbon, 1 pound
For use with any carbon purification system. Removes unwanted odors and flavors from fermented bases..
Still Spirits Turbo Carbon
Still Spirits Turbo Carbon For the ultimate spirit quality! Turbo Carbon is specifically designed f..
FermFast DualFine Clearing Aid
KC Finings in a 2-pouch system containing Liquid Kieselsol and Chitosan finings. One pack sufficient..
Distillers Nutrients
Distiller’s Nutrients are a proprietary blend of minerals, micro and macro nutrients, vitamins, pH b..
BrewMometer, 1/2"  NPT
BrewMometer™ with 1/2" NPT is perfect for a brew pot with a 1/2" female NPT coupling already in..
BrewMometer, Weldless
This Weldless BrewMometer™ model has a 1/2" threaded back with a nut and washer for weldless mountin..
Adjustable Angle BrewMometer, Weldless
Adjustable Face BrewMometer™. Face can be rotated to any convenient viewing angle. No more stooping ..
Dial Probe Thermometer
Stainless Steel 12" probe with a 2" dial face and a pot clip.  Reads quickly and accurately. &n..
Floating Thermometer
Floating Thermometer. Scale goes to 212º F. Very easy to read and work with. This is a good qua..
Proof (Alcohol)  Hydrometer
Alcohol Hydrometer (Proof & Tralle) - Tests alcohol or proof of distilled spirits. &nb..
Glass Test Jar 12"
12" Glass Hydrometer Test Jar - Use to hold a sample to be tested with a hydrometer. Note..
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Glass Test Jar Bumper
Plastic Bumper fits our 12" Glass Hydrometer Test Jar to help protect the glass tube in case it gets..
Hydrometer Test Jar 10"
10" Plastic Hydrometer Test Jar - Use to hold a sample to be tested with a hydrometer. Note: Style m..
Glass Flask 200 ml
Small 200 ml Glass Flask.  Cap Sold Seperately. We have found that all the 28mm caps we..
Nashville Spirit Bottle with Cap 750ml
High quality, premium flint glass, thick glass base.  750ml.  Wide, 21.5mm neck.  Sol..
Moonshine Style Bottle with Cap 750ml
Distinct moonshine jug design in premium flint glass, thick glass base.  750ml.  Wide, 21...
Premium Synthetic Tasting Cork - Large, 21.5 mm
Premium Synthetic Cork with a sturdy black plastic top.  Tasting Corks are great for ..
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