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American Oak Spiral, Medium Toast

American Oak Spiral, Medium Toast

Product Code: 547
Reward Points: 10
Size: 2 Pack
Price: $10.95
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American Oak Spiral, Medium Toast. 
Featuring tight grain American Northern White Oak (Quercus Alba) sourced from Missouri forests the Medium Toast offers a sweet bouquet with warm vanilla overtones.  
The Infusion Spiral system is the reliable oak alternative for simple and fast extraction of toasted oak aroma and flavor compounds that deliver refined, integrated results eight times faster than, and at a small fraction of the price of, a new barrel.  1" x 8" oak stave with a unique spiral shape, designed to achieve accelerated extraction time. Two 8 inch spirals is enough to flavor a total of 6 gallons. Suspend or place directly into the Wine, Spirit or Beer - oak flavor is fully extracted in 6 weeks. Flavor is equivalent to 8 months in a new oak barrel, withdraw sooner for a milder taste.  The perfect oak alternative! Pack of 2 spirals.

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