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Wyeast 4134 - Sake #9
Wyeast 4134 - Sake #9

Wyeast 4134 - Sake #9

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Sake #9 used in conjunction with Koji for making wide variety of Asian Jius (rice based beverages). Full bodied profile, silky and smooth on palate with low ester production. 
Since rice is deficient in nutrients essential to proper yeast cell growth and metabolism, additional nutrient is recommended. Award-winning home and professional sake makers have discovered the “100% Pure Liquid Yeast Difference™" in the flavor, aroma and overall quality of their beverages.

Flocculation:  Low
Temperature Range:  60 - 75º F
Alcohol Tolerance:  14% ABV

Please note that this Wyeast strain is a Special Order item and may take up to 2 weeks for delivery.


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