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Wheat Malt  (White Wheat)

Wheat Malt (White Wheat)

Brand: Briess
Product Code: 649
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Briess White Wheat is a pale wheat malt made from North American spring white wheat. White Wheat malt has plumper, softer kernals and a milder, slightly sweeter flavor than red wheat and it is more conducive to the haze characteristic of Belgian white beers. Wheat malts are high in protein, which helps produce fuller-bodied beers. Wheat malt can improve head formation and retention, depending upon the other grist constituents. 

Please note that the discounted price for bulk sacks of grain is only available for unmilled, whole grain.

Manufacturer Briess
Origin USA
Usage Rate % 50
Color (Lovibond) 3-3.5
Extract FG min 85
Moisture % 4.5
Protein Total 12

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