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ACCUVIN pH Test Kit, 10 pk

ACCUVIN pH Test Kit, 10 pk

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ACCUVIN Test kits are a Special Order item and will be shipped direct from the manufacturer. Please allow additional time in transit for this item.

pH is an important factor in selecting the optimum time to harvest grapes. It is measured to see if adjustments need to be made prior to primary fermentation. It is measured when adding sulfur dioxide as a preservative, since the effectiveness of this chemical varies dramatically as pH changes. And pH is controlled to optimize conditions for fining, for improving a wine’s resistance to microbial instability, and in defining a wine’s balance.  

This kit tests a pH range from 3.0 - 4.0, and a sensitivity to 0.1 pH unit. Reliable, easy to use, and accurate. Quick Tests are just what the serious wine maker needs to monitor your wine grapes and wine from beginning to end. Quick Tests provide the ability to monitor quickly and cheaply without needing laboratory equipment or training. All kits come with full Illustrated instructions and interpretation of your test results, truly a test that teaches you about your grapes and wine and in turn makes you a better wine maker.  Note: Most kits will have an expiration date on them ranging from several years to several months.

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