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Oak, Herbs and Spices

Oak Chips are a quick, inexpensive way to impart oak character.  Larger oak pieces, like nuggets and spirals, actually aid in the aging process by allowing the wine to penetrate slowly into the complex interior of the oak, exactly the way it would do in an actual barrel. They help balance and cross-link tannins and promote color stabilization if used during fermentation. High tech toasting produces a color gradient throughout all the complex layers of the oak resulting in a mellow, not harsh palate structure.

Both American oak and French oak contribute aromas, flavors and tannin to a wine, but the oaks origin, size and toast level will have profound impacts on its contribution.

  • French oak is typically a more subtle flavor with firm tannins and a satiny texture.
  • American oak tends to be stronger in flavor and will impart a more obvious, stronger and sweeter aroma and flavor.
  • Light Toast - Sweet but spicy oak notes with lingering hints of honey and vanilla.
  • Medium Toast - Smooth and creamy vanilla, caramel, coffee, toasted bread, and a sweet, spicy oak aroma.
  • Heavy Toast - Smoky, spice, caramel, coffee, chocolate, and a sweet, spicy oak aroma.
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American Oak Chips
Lightly toasted American Oak chips provide quick oak extraction.       ..
French Oak Chips
Medium toasted French Oak Chips provide quick oak extraction.    ..
Mocha Oak Chip Blend
A blend of French and American oak with a special long and intense toast. The unique toast..
Oak Infusion Spiral - Bottle Sized
BARREL AGED IN A BOTTLE. Now you can Barrel Age Spirits, Beer, and Cocktails RIGHT INSIDE ..
American Oak Spiral, Medium Toast
American Oak Spiral, Medium Toast.  Featuring tight grain American Northern&nbs..
American Oak Spiral, Heavy Toast
American Oak Spiral, Heavy Toast. Featuring tight grain American Northern White Oak (Quercus Alba) ..
French Oak Spiral, Medium Toast
French Oak Spiral, Medium Toast. French Oak (Quercus Sessilis), an ultra premium fine grain oa..
Charred Oak Spirals
Charred Oak Infusion Spirals Char#3 American oak spirals add super dark color, smoke, vanilla,..
Rum Barrel Chips
Brewer's Best® Barrel Chips are sanitized by nitrogen purge and ready to use. Add 2 oz. of barrel ch..
Tequila Barrel Chips
Brewer's Best® Barrel Chips are sanitized by nitrogen purge and ready to use. Add 2 oz. of barrel ch..
Whisky Barrel Chips
Brewer's Best® Barrel Chips are sanitized by nitrogen purge and ready to use. Add 2 oz. of barrel ch..
Super Smoother Pack
A 2-pouch system containing glycerine and liquid oak essence. Instantly smoothes and ages 6 gallons ..
Oak Essence
Concentrated oak flavor essence. Add to taste.  4 oz bottle.   ..
Oak Wine Barrel (Special Order)
American Oak Wine Barrels, made of smooth, clear, premium, slow-growing Minnesota White Oak. Built b..
Vanilla Bean
Current stock is large, very nice, 8 - 9" Whole Vanilla Beans. Can be used in holiday ales, por..
Allspice Berries
Used for holiday and specialty beers for a distinct "pumpkin pie" flavor and aroma.  1 oz&..
Bitter Orange Peel
This grey-green peel is really neither bitter nor orange tasting but it does impart herbal, citrus f..
Cardamom Seeds
Spicy cola flavor used in specialty beers and sodas.  1 oz bag. ..
Chamomile Flowers
Imparts a slightly floral and pleasantly sweet apple-like flavor and aroma. Great for summer ales an..
Cinnamon Sticks
Used in spicy holiday ales and ciders. ..
Cocoa Nibs
100% pure, organic cocoa nibs. Adds complex cocoa flavors to any brew. Methods of use range from add..
Coriander Seed
A key flavor in the Belgian Wit beers. Whole seeds that release their spiciness when crushed and add..
Dried Elderberries
These small dark berries are often used to enhance the flavor and color.  Uses include red..
Often added to certain wine styles to enhance flavor and add a distinct aroma.  Typically white..
Ginger Root
Dried ginger root. A very widely used and versatile root that adds a distinct flavor to your holiday..
Grapefruit Peel
Bright citrus flavors, great for summer brews.  1 oz bag. ..
Heather Tips
The flowers and greenery of this herb impart a pleasing aroma and subtle bitterness to beers. Common..
Hibiscus Flowers
Dried Hibiscus Flowers add a wonderfully tart berry-like flavor with floral notes and a vibrant pink..
Indian Sarsaparilla
Adds spicy flavors and improves mouth feel and head retention in beer and soda.  2 oz bag. ..
Juniper Berries
Commonly used to flavor Gin or other distilled spirits.  Can also be used in homebrewed beer. &..
Lemon Peel
Adds a lemon/citrus flavor and aroma. Great for sumer ales and wheat beers.  1 oz bag. ..
Lime Peel
Lime is valued both for its acidity and floral aroma, they are usually sweeter than lemons. Commonly..
Paradise Seeds
Also called "grains of paradise". Have a peppery zing with notes of citrus and pine.  1/2 oz ba..
Sweet Orange Peel
Adds a wonderful orange flavor to your Belgian style strong ales and specialty holiday brews.  ..
Tangerine Peel
Bright citrus flavors, great for summer brews.  1 oz bag. ..
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