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Riesling Icewine Style Wine Kit

Riesling Icewine Style Wine Kit

Brand: WinExpert
Product Code: 906
Reward Points: 101
Price: $101.95
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This golden Riesling wine will surprise and delight you with its body and complexity.  This special treat should be chilled thoroughly and sipped slowly to cherish its special charms. This kit come complete with yeast, clarifiers, stabilizers, oak and other flavor additives appropriate for the style of wine.

Sweetness: SWEET | Body: MEDIUM-FULL | Oak Intensity: NONE

Wine Ingredient Kits
Color White
Sweetness Sweet
Oak Type None
Oak Intensity None
Body Medium-Full
ABV (Approx) 13%
Includes Grape Skins No
Kit Size 3.17 Gallons / 12 Liters
Yield 3 Gallons / 11.35 Liters
Minimum Aging

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