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Limited Edition Wine Ingredient Kits

​LE16 is SOLD OUT!!!   Please Stay Tuned - LE17 will be announced October 1st, 2017

Each year Winexpert produces only a limited quantity of five fabulous and unique varieties from around the world and releases them monthly from January through April. These very special wines are only available during their month of release and are so immensely popular that pre-ordering is highly recommended.

  • All wine kits come complete with Varietal Grape Concentrate, Yeast, Clarifiers, Stabilizers, Oak and Other Additives appropriate for the style of wine.
  • 16 Liter Kits, Yield 6 gallons (approx 30, Standard 750 ml Wine Bottles)    Wine Kits with Grape Skins are 18 Liter Kits
  • 30 Bottle labels are included in each wine kit.
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