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Selection Wine Ingredient Kits

This outstanding wine making kit is designed to meet the needs and expectations of the serious winemaker. These premium kits contain only 100% varietal juice and varietal juice concentrates sourced from around the globe. These wines showcase the styles that made these regions famous.

Take your Red Wines to another level. Relatively new to this line of premium wine kits are selected wine kits that include a package of Grape Skins. These kits will have increased varietal character, bold flavors and aromas and full-bodied tannins, all in a wine that drinks well young and rewards patience. The addition of a grape skin pack enhances not only the body, mouth-feel, tannin and color of the wine; it does so without increasing the need for extra ageing. Great care is taken to perfectly balance the acid levels, pH, sugars and tannins to produce a wine of excellent quality without all the guesswork. You can expect rich, full-bodied wines with superior color, complex flavors and distinctive aromas in 6 - 12 months, and improvement for several years under good cellaring.

All wine kits come complete with Varietal Grape Concentrate, Yeast, Clarifiers, Stabilizers, Oak and Other Additives appropriate for the style of wine.

16 Liter Kits, Yield 6 gallons (approx 30, Standard 750 ml Wine Bottles)

Wine Kits with Grape Skins are 18 Liter Kits and Yield 6 Gallons

This handy little booklet lists all wine varieties available from winexpert.  Conveniently organized by wine style, this book includes informative charts with useful information to help you choose the best wine for your taste. Each wine kit lists the wine style, body, oak type and intensity, sweetness level and alcohol content.  Available Free!  Order one today!

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