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Winexpert Reserve Wine Ingredient Kits



Looking for a premium wine with exceptional body, flavor and aroma?  Winexpert Reserve™ brings the world’s most sought after grape growing countries home to you.

Join the celebration and experience the satisfaction of crafting outstanding premium wines with wow factor - from a supple, buttery Chardonnay to a confident, full bodied Cabernet Sauvignon - the world is at your doorstep.

  • Premium Styles. Outstanding Wine Making Kit
  • From this box to your bottle in just 6 weeks
  • 10 L (2.64 US gal) Kit makes 23 L (6 US gal)


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LE21 Australian Pinot Noir Shiraz - Available December 2021
LE21 Australian Pinot Noir Shiraz Release Date:  December 2021 MURRAY DARLING, AUSTRALIA ..
LE21 Spanish Grenache Carignan - Available April 2022
LE21 French Marselan - Available February 2022
LE21 Marselan Release Date:  February 2022   LANGUEDOC, FRANCE This is the tru..
LE21 Italian Trebbiano Riesling - Available March 2022
LE21 Trebbiano Riesling Release Date: March 2022 PUGLIA & VENETO, ITALY North and So..
Argentine Malbec (Reserve)
Winexpert Reserve Argentine Malbec Blackberry, Clove and Smoke with Bold Tannins Sweetn..
Australian Cabernet Sauvignon (Reserve)
Winexpert Reserve Australian Cabernet Sauvignon Black Plum, White Pepper, Toasted Cedar a..
Australian Cabernet Shiraz (Reserve)
Winexpert Reserve Australian Cabernet Shiraz Style Blackberry, Dark Chocolate, Licor..
Australian Chardonnay (Reserve)
Winexpert Reserve Australian Chardonnay Ripe Pineapple, Mango and Vanilla with a creamy textur..
Australian Shiraz (Reserve)
Winexpert Reserve Australian Shiraz Black Fig, Black Cherry and Chocolate Sweetness:  D..
Australian Traminer Riesling (Reserve)
Winexpert Reserve Australian Traminer Riesling Floral Stone Fruit, Honeysuckle and Lime Swee..
California Cabernet Sauvignon (Reserve)
Winexpert Reserve California Cabernet Sauvignon Rich in tannis, it produces a deep, full-..
California Cabernet Merlot (Reserve)
Winexpert Reserve California Cabernet Merlot Ripe Cherry, Plum, Chocolate and Supple Tannins ..
California Enigma (Reserve)
Winexpert Reserve California Enigma Smooth Black Fruit, Spice and Vanilla Sweetness: &n..
California Merlot (Reserve)
Winexpert Reserve California Merlot Chocolate, Black Cherry and Vanilla Spice Sweetness:&nbs..
California Riesling (Reserve)
Winexpert Reserve California Riesling White Peach, Pineapple and Mouth-Watering Acidity Swee..
California Sauvignon Blanc (Reserve)
Winexpert Reserve California Sauvignon Blanc Green Apple, Lemon Zest and Refreshing Acidity ..
Chilean Carmenere (Reserve)
Winexpert Reserve Chilean Carmenère  Raspberry, Plum and Vanilla Sweetness:  Dry ..
Chilean Pinot Noir (Reserve)
Winexpert Reserve Chilean Pinot Noir Black Fig, Black Cherry and Chocolate Sweetness:  ..
German Gewurztraminer (Reserve)
Winexpert Reserve German Gewürztraminer Orange Blossom, Stone Fruit and Lychee Sweetness:&nb..
Italian Amarone Style (Reserve)
Winexpert Reserve Italian Amarone Style Black Fig, Black Cherry and Chocolate Sweetness:&nbs..
Italian Luna Rossa (Reserve)
Winexpert Reserve Italian Luna Rossa Ripe Black Cherry, Blackberry and Plum with Toasty Oak ..
Luna Bianca (Reserve)
Winexpert Reserve Luna Bianca Winexpert's biggest, boldest white wine ever. In the spirit of t..
Italian Pinot Grigio (Reserve)
Winexpert Reserve Italian Pinot Grigio Green Apple, Lemon Zest and Refreshing Acidity Sweetn..
Vieux Chateau Du Roi (Reserve)
Winexpert Reserve Vieux Chateau Du Roi Raspberry, White Pepper and Licorice Sweetness: ..
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