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History of The Home Brewery









Way back in 1984 Sam and Joann Wammack started The Home Brewery in Fontana, California. Sam was a law enforcement officer for San Bernardino County. Being an avid homebrewer himself, Sam realized the lack of good quality supplies for people to learn about this just newly legal hobby (yes, home brewing was actually illegal in the United States until 1978). Looking for a business to help support himself and his family after his retirement – The Home Brewery was born. Sam Wammack was a leader in the homebrewing movement – supporting such fledgling operations as the HWBTA and AHA and founding the Inland Empire Brewers Club. Six years later, in 1990, Sam retired and Sam and Joann decided to move back to Ozark, MO. So they packed up their family, their home and their homebrewing supply store and moved halfway across the country, leaving the first branch store behind in California. The Home Brewery became a franchised business and soon grew to 12 stores all across the United States. The Ozark location was the production and distribution hub for many exclusive Home Brewery products.

In 1995, Todd Frye was hired on as the general manager at The Home Brewery. A job position that forever changed his life! Soon head over heels immersed in the homebrewing hobby Todd was (is) the definition of an avid homebrewer, absorbing copious amount of knowledge and gaining experience with every passing year. When Sam and Joann made the decision to retire (again) in 1999 the franchise was dissolved and Todd and Sheri Frye became the proud new owners of The Home Brewery in Ozark. They set out to continue and improve on the solid backbone Sam and Joann had laid in place. Within 8 years the Fryes had grown the business to 10 times the annual sales of when they took over. Expanding the product line to include winemaking and eventually cheesemaking and growing both their Local and Mail-Order business by leaps and bounds.

In 2011, The Home Brewery got a new home! After over 20 years in the same small building that Sam had moved it to, The Home Brewery finally got the expanded space it needed to keep growing and improving. Now able to offer classes, hold festivals and homebrewing events, host competitions and so much more, their dreams of what a local homebrew store should be were finally coming to life. As we approach The Home Brewery’s 30th Anniversary in 2014 we are excited as ever to be a part of the greatest hobby ever invented! Growing in popularity every year, more and more people are realizing the true joys of making your own beer and wine at home! Here’s to the next 30 years of making Home Brewery history - CHEERS!



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